Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Post-21st Post

2 days after my 21st. Big Thank You for those who grace my celebration with your presence. Also to those who sent in birthday greetings through various platforms, can't thank you enough. For those who stayed till late for the drinks, more thanks to you. For those who i didnt invite, well blame it on budget and space constraint :P

Got a couple of watches, a wallet, a book, a scrapbook, a t-shirt and red packets as gifts. Really like them, especially the red packets :D

I'll put up pics once i get them from various people. Its sad not to have your own camera D: Maybe its really time to get one. Or should i get a weekend phone? Im really pissed with my current screwed up NS phone now.o

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bad bad bad

Wasnt there a saying which goes something like bad things dun come alone or something along the line? Well its certainly true.

At around eight someone from camp called saying a key is missing and i am, supposedly, the last person who hold the freaking darn key. Im freaking sure im not stupid enough to bring the key home, and im certain i did put the key back into where its supposed to be, the freaking key press.

Theres nothing else i can do at home, so i decided to let the matter rest till tomorrow when i get back to camp. I went to my room, pick up some clothes and hit the showers.

After the nice hot shower, of cuz u wuld wanna off the tap wuldnt u? But FUCK!, the fucking tap wont shut! The water keep flowing out like its free. FUCK! So theres only 2 options at that moment, one is to turn off the main tap outside the house, the other is to turn the little red switch in the kitchen. But guess what, the 1st option requires a spanner which i couldnt find one in my house, and the little red switch got stuck, probably due to it not being used too long. WTF

So after a nice good shower, im sweaty all over now again D: and the cost to change the tap and call in an emergency plumber is $120! Meh!

Whats next? Probably signing some extras tomorrow when i get back to camp tomorrow. Ohwell

Bus back home

Usually on the bus trip back home, ill do afew things.

Firstly i'll look for a seat (duh!)Then i'll plug in my IPod and browse around until i got to song im satisfied with.

If the person beside/infront is browsing through the newspaper i'll keep a lookout for interesting/important news.

So i was on my way back a couple of days back and the bus is packed so i can only stand. The person on the seat infront of me was happening to be reading this chinese tabloid (LianHe Wan Bao) and i saw this interesting news;

(Translated into english, summarized)
Orgasm can kill flu virus in its initial stage.

So now we know not only an apple a day can keep the doctor away :P

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Woah! Been a really long time since my last update in april. Quick recap of what i've done these 4 months.

NS (boring) as usual, luckily got a post as the admin guy with pretty decent colleagues and superiors.

Spend most of my time playing WoW, but sorta stop a couple days back cuz the stupid new patch screwed me up. Maybe its a sign from above asking me to use the time to do something more meaningful and beneficial (or maybe its just my com that messed up).

Dennis and Jeramy are freaking bad influence. The drinking the smoking and the harry potter-ish scar. But i still love you guys dun worry :D

Life's pretty routine (read BORING). Weekdays 8-5.30 in camp, fall out, go home, play some games, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

So to summarize, nth important happened these 4 months, for me at least.

On to more recent stuff, caught Hangover last night. Its actually pretty funny. The laughter is totally worth the 8 bucks. Went for a lan session a couple of hours back, and i tell u its totally AWESOME, and its not just the games.

And hey guess what? Its National Day, so happy birthday Singapore! Im really grateful for being born and raise in this country (except for the conscription). C'mon every singaporean out there that think this country suck, think again. Not many other countries allow you to live without fear of natural disaster eh. And u dont have to worry about ur loved ones even if they come home in the wee hours of the morning cuz its so secured. Although it can get pretty boring sometimes, but hey be thankful for what u got eh.

21st is just a week away. Meh one year older D: and ppl asking wad i want as gift. Seriously, its really the thought that counts for me. From handmade gel-with-messages-in-test-tube to random toy police on a motor cycle to random uno cards to wallets to vouchers to just a simple text message, I sincerely appreciate all of them whether or not they are actually useful lol.

Getting late, so i'll end the post here, but no worries my Dear Reader(s), i promise ill be back real soon kays? (Hey there are actually ppl reading my blog and asking for updates ok mai siao siao lol)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You guys must take a look at this!


So cute! and the meaning behind it is incredible.

I am officially looking for partners to start making our own tweenbots and testing them out in our dear Singapore.

LFM Tweenbots Partners, preferbly one who knows how to make simple small robots, has a video cam and some free time on hand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday night is . . .

Get A Life Night! Or Freaking Boring Night if you are like me, cant get a date and all the other guys are in army camp (sucks to be them! LOL)

If you are wondering why tuesday night, cuz its when the WoW server is down for maintenance! No . . . WoW . . . I . . Need . . argh . . .

I swear Jon(Lee WX) purposely arrange all his dates on tuesday nights cuz of this! Although he keeps denying it and says is pure coincidence.

And Jonathan is such a common name nowadays please do not name your son Jonathan anymore. I bet if u go orchard road and shout Jonathan 50 people will turn and look at you. Strangely all of the Jonathans i know are either Jiak Gang Tang or very least dont like something chinese. Pffff pseudo caucasian lol

One of my buddy, Junhao, 21st birthday is coming up and hes having a chalet(must get gift arbo paiseh go empty handed lol) and i still dunno what to get him! Please suggest to me what to get him. Keep in mind he already has an ipod and a psp, doesnt drink, smoke or gamble and not really into branded stuffs. The most creative idea will get a 1 x good one [Sincere Gratitude] from me! (Orange legendary loot ok mai siao siao =x)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DragonBall is TEH SUXORZ

Dragonball Evolution totally sucks! Its one of the worst movie i have seen in recent years. Its suckiness is on par with Untraceable. 1/5 is an overstatement. Predictable plot aside, the acting is lame and whats up with the "angmoh will always like another asian", and who the hell will use the last wish to revive some old man he meet for only a few days den his grandfather that brought him up the past 18 years, and and, wtf is with the Shen Long and Shi Xing Qiu! If u wanna do it in english, do everything in english!!! KAMEHAMEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Enough of the lousy movie. Past few days were spent doing some lame sentry duty. Im so bored that i went to look through the functions of my lousy phone, and under the sms distribution list, i saw [DnA]! LMAO! All the funny stuff start flooding back, Strange and Slack anyone? LOL those were the days. Now that all of us are walking down different paths, or rather, in different camps (NS FTL!), it sure is fun to think of those lame and stupid days once in awhile.

Oh and btw, AIG management is either damn stupid or damn greedy or both. My guess is both.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

End of something, beginning of another

Thats just how life is eh, one thing end, another new beginning follow right after. Yes even for death, unless u're an atheist.

My course technically ended yesterday, and on job training is starting next monday. New environment, new faces, new routines.

NS has actually been quite good for me until now. Im in Pes C due to some injury, and its been all relax and chill while meeting new(sometimes weird) people and getting to make afew friends from all walks of life. I got time to take up driving, and planning to take up some form of martial arts, probably Judo or something similar. NS isnt all bad afterall, although i'll still choose not to spend the 2 years on something else if given a choice.

Wish me luck when i go over to my new camp will ya


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Twilight Boxset + Curious Tale of Benjamin Button

The Twilight boxset i ordered from Amazon.com came a few days back. It looks so nice that i just left it there without opening the plastic wrapping. Pictures (taken with a lousy phone came)

Didnt upload the rest of the pics cuz they are so badly taken, not enuf lighting and focus and stuff like that. and yes i blame them all on the lousy phone cam, theres nth wrong with my photography skills.

I also caught Curious Tale of Benjamin Button. Great movie, worth 4.5/5 stars. A must watch imo. It looks at life from a different perspective, but makes u realise that life is just a full circle, in the end we'll all end up in diapers. We're just taking the different route to the same finishing point. The movie is almost 3 hours long btw, and i didnt know that in the 1st place :/ had to rush back to family dinner after that.